Monday, 8 June 2015

Is it Jodoh?

In a one conversion with my friend. He comain about me and him.

My friend ask, "kenapa kau ni yakin je  dia tu akan yg akan kawin dengan kau?"

And my answer is, "he comes to me when the time needed, not when I needs."

I don't know, how I become so confident. Even, my mom always ask me to do istikharah. But I just ignored it. It is not because I refuse,  I just realised nothing to choose and I already choose him.

My love line story so simple, he proposed and I agree with him. No such a sweet conversion, short introduction, closed in a few months and end up with couple.

Then, my love story line become shortest, no dating, short daily conversation and busy enjoy single life a lone. Until I think, is it the couple life?

Honestly,  I feel hard to adapt with this new life. Learn to fit with new world life, lining with man's friend, change my outer fit and cares another new heart. But slowly I realize, it is a platform to be a better person.

He comes not only to colour my life, also to helps me to become a better muslimah.
I didn't like to hear ceramah, but he brought me to it. I not comfortable to wear bawal, he support me to use it. I have a lot man's friend and countless girlfriend. He turn my mind on it.

I am not a good person, but I do to be a better person. He comes to me to help me along and advice me when I loss.

For awk...I will never push you to marry me, and I will be not asking you about it. I don't want to stress you up even I really want it. I know, the time will be come and I just pray, its will comes in a best time for us, Inshaa Allah. 

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izzati ishak said...

Semalam ibu cakap, dia dah buatkan istikharah utk aku. Dan ibu dapat mimpi yang baik, Alhamdulillah. Lepas ni ibu doakan la agar si dia tergerak hati utk mempercepatkan pernikahan ya, insha Allah.