Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Refleksi surah al-kahfi


When i eat my breakfirst for this morning, i watch a program in tv al-hijrah. it about a story inside surah al-kahfi in al-quran.

The main attraction that i got from it when the speaker talk about humble in people life. He also related this point with the story in this surah. Let i repeat again what he said.

He said every people should have the humble personality in ourself. especially, who is in high position level should have high the humble level. He had make an example about it with the story about the Prophet Musa alaihi salam with the Prophet Khidir. In this story said, even Prophet Musa have higher status than Prophet Khidri he still search Prophet Khidir as the Allah ask.

Besides, when he meet with Prophet Khidir, he used the softest word to him and never compared his status with him. And the best think is, he willing to give himself to Prophet Khidir to learn anything from him.

Other than that, i also learn from the story that we should find the solution and reason for every single question that pop up in our mind. Don't dare to keep it yourself or make any negative espectation about it. This is clarified in this story, when Prophet Musa always ask to the Prophet Khidir about what Prophet Khidir do and done.

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