Monday, 29 July 2013

When the baby new born


Yesterday i become a babies sitter for a half day. A lot of things i learn from it. How to sleep the babies, how to condact them when they cries and how to make them feel confortable with other people. But the most disaster (if i think so) is they didn't want to sleep at mattress. Oh no, how i want hold two babies in the same time!!!!! It is the really hard to handle, ok..huhu. So, i make a solution by i usury one baby, and bring the other one on my arm. It feels like i have a twin there.haha

hanya gambar hiasan

But what i want to say here is i can't imagine how a mother look up her child. How is amazing the instinctness and patienceness of mother in take care of us. That how we should love and appreciate her until the rest of her life.

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