Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Kata-kata akhir dari aku


Insya Allah, ini mungkin kata terakhir aku tentang dia. Moga lepas ni aku mampu untuk membuka buku baru. Its will easy if u thinks its easy and it will difficult if u thinks its difficult. The result will be base of what u thinks.

Aku tahu setiap kali buka wall facebook dia, hati aku akan sakit, fikiran aku menjadi beku dan diri aku menjadi kaku. Namun aku tetap ingin membuka wall dia untuk menyakitkan lagi diri sendiri. I don't know whose she to him. But every single word that she post to his wall and every single word that he reply to her post is make me sicks. I can't stand more to be tough.

Maybe I was wrong to fall in love with him. Just because we had spent out lot time together in university, I cross the line. I really sorry with my felling. I just a normal human and woman that easy fall in love to a kindness people. But, from now i should try my best to set my mind to change my felling for you, Insya Allah.

I know it hard to do, and needs a lot of effort. But, I trust and believe to Him and I know I not alone to find the way. Never cry anymore, no time to reverse back and make me down. Just go forward even u give up with your past. Inshaa Allah i will do it, with the strengths from Him. Ameen. 

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