Friday, 12 September 2014

Nas-Teshbehlena(People like us) by Maher Zain


Happy morning readers. Lets start our sunshine morning with happy and positive charge. Lets enjoy the song together =) 

p/s : from here with love

Maher Zain - Nas Teshbehlena

Yes indeed, we all are alike
The same souls and blood
We get along (feel comfortable)
With whom are like us
Words! Have the same words (have the same conversations)
Even have the same concerns
Companionship can't ever be forgotten
No matter what
♬ Even... our colour and forms
That means I look like you exactly
And we have many wonderful things in common
Come on! Just give me your hand (for salam)
No need to talk
When the most beautiful times, memories cross the mind
Even if we have tough Duties
Together we can pass over it, you and me
Sometimes people feel comfy with you
They take your heart, without saying a word
And take you all of a sudden, without saying anything
No doubt you are just like them
And in your life, you cant find good people every day!
They are quite few whom staying forever with you
Because of you people
Come from agree to disagree
repeat ♬
No matter how hard are the things we are facing,
With you we feel very special (happy moments)
Every minute of joy...
that we had together is priceless
Any other thing in the world is worthless compared..
to a moment with you
As long as you are on our side...
we don't care about anything
We were wishing for so long...
to feel so happy deep inside our hearts
Even if the time take us away..
just keep in touch..
Who would've thought about that happening
Finally (we found people like us)
Indeed, there're people like us
We all are alike
repeat ♬
(the translation credit to amnah)

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