Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Keong my friend


I got a Chinese friend name's Keong. He's very talkative and very2 annoying. The good annoying. Like to bully me and disturb me in my work. Need to be his babysitter, follow where he go. He's very manja one.

But, in other side. I very grateful that I have friend like him. I just think that Allah send him to me to remind me about sholah, even he's non muslim. Every time when prayers time come, he always ask me

 "Izzati, you dah pergi sembahyang ke?"

and when I khilaf dalam melambatkan solat, He remind me

 "Izzati, you tak pergi sembahyang lagi ke? I tak nampak you pergi pun."

Very good clock and reminder...Thanks to him and Thanks to Allah.
Hopefully, when time come he can be muslim too... Inshaa Allah


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